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Our hours are on week evenings or weekends only - check availability and book your visits here. FEES are simple here - your first visit is either $25 for spinal adjustment as needed or $45 for spinal adjustment with extremities and that includes a brief exam (no imaging - we do not perform x-rays at this facility). FEES are the same for each visit until you attend orientation & make a commitment to your health making you eligible for the HONOR BOX. We do not accept or file insurance. Isn't that great?

Insurance companies do not consider our fees to be reasonable or customary since most people getting adjusted here are using the Box on the Wall or Honor Box fee system. What is Box on the Wall or Honor Box? It is a system where YOU get to determine your fees for each visit after you attend orientation when you are coming at least twice each month for adjustment.

What does chiropractic care do for children? Studies show folks under regular chiropractic care don't get sick as often and when they do get sick, they get over it faster. Children are people, right? But we don't adjust them the same - they are not just tiny adults. At birth we have about 300 bones and connecting cartilage pieces. By the time we are adults, almost 100 have fused with other bones to make the total number for an adult human 206 +/- a few sesamoids. Adjusting at Health Revolution is very gentle, no matter what age.

What does chiropractic care do for pregnant mamas? Well, we don't turn babies if that is what you've heard. We align the spine and pelvis for optimal baby positioning increasing the probability of mamas having the desired birth experience.

HEALTH REVOLUTION is the only Lindale Chiropractic Practice with a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and HEALTH REVOLUTION is the only Lindale Chiropractic Practice with a doctor certified by the ICPA in Webster Technique. HEALTH REVOLUTION is focused on babies, children, and pregnant moms, however, we do see multiple generations of our practice members' families.

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LeAnne Davis, DC

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"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing." W Edwards Deming

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