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How much does chiropractic care cost at HEALTH REVOLUTION LINDALE PLLC?

Health Revolution Lindale, PLLC is now a BOX ON THE WALL Practice. What does this mean? This means we believe that chiropractic care should not be limited by insurance or other 3rd parties, so we offer affordable care that allows folks to be checked regularly and adjusted as needed within thier budgets. Why is this important? Chiropractic care is not about PAIN. Chiropractic is about optimal function of the nervous system. Optimal function is possible only when interference is removed. We call that interference a SUBLUXATION. Over time (and, it does not even take that long), those subluxations can result in permanent loss in range of motion (see why we recommend regular checks)

This is why we are now a Box on the Wall honor system after orientation attendance for those who want to be adjusted regularly.

Orientation attendance by at least one adult member of each family unit is required for the privilege of using the BOX ON THE WALL. Orientation is generally held at least twice a month outside adjusting - usually on Saturdays after we finish adjusting.

Our focus at Health Revolution is healthy children and optimal pregnancies, so we do not typically see adult men unless they are part of family coming in. but we are a FAMILY practice so we want to see the WHOLE FAMILY. At Health Revolution, we care for your family as we would want our own family cared for. Incidentally, my hubby & I get adjusted once a week on average. I cannot adjust myself so I see a chiropractor in Greenville.


Follow-up visit costs are the same as first visit costs - until you attend orientation & make a commitment to get checked twice monthly. If we determine you (and your family) are a good fit for our practice and you consent to care, we will proceed with the visit. The fee due at the end of the first visit is $25 for spinal only or $45 for spinal with extremities. All visits including your first visit are booked online here.

An assessment and signed informed consent is required before the first adjustment. First visits are scheduled online. We do not perform radiographic services at this facility and if imaging is warranted, we will provide you with an order which may be taken to your choice of imaging centers. If you have already had imaging elsewhere, please bring it with you to your first visit.


We accept CASH, PERSONAL CHECKS, or payments via your PayPal account. .


There are two other chiropractic practices in Lindale accepting insurance and we will be happy to refer you to them if you want to use your insurance making them a better fit for your family. We want to be one of a number of healthy lifestyle choices your family is making. We do not want to be an expensive aspirin for pain. We do not accept or file for insurance at HEALTH REVOLUTION LINDALE PLLC. Why? Insurance companies require collection of reasonable and customary fees up to annual insurance deductibles being met. After annual insurance deductibles are met, co-pays must be collected at each visit for each person being checked.

If the visits were to be submitted to insurance, we would be legally obligated by the insurance companies to charge what insurance companies consider to be reasonable and customary for chiropractic care up to the deductible being met then collect office co-pays for each visit. Our BOX ON THE WALL fees are typically MUCH lower out of pocket for you than what insurance consider to be reasonable and customary. Why? Because YOU set the fees based on YOUR BUDGET. Persons signing up for care here understand and agree that they will NOT submit to insurance for reimbursement of wellness / maintenance care. Some HSA accounts allow for chiropractic wellness / maintenance care and in some cases, HSA cards may be used to pay for wellness / maintenance care. We absolutely will not commit fraud by overstating amounts paid by anyone for care provided. Fees for the follow-up visits are the same as for the first visit until you attend orientation and commit to at least being checked every 7-14 days.

Chiropractic visit average = $60-65 for a general vertebral adjustment.
Average fees are highest in the South at $70 per visit.
Average fees are lowest in the Midwest at $60/visit.
(We don't set the fees for folks using the BOX ON THE WALL - they set their own fees...)
Imaging fees charged by chiropractors range from $44 to $159.
(We send you out for imaging and costs for those are charged by the imaging provider and start at $75/series, read by an MD radiologist.)
(source for average visit costs )


Insurance does not cover wellness / maintenance care from chiropractors. We offer very affordable individual or family* wellness / maintenance care, because what you put in that BOX ON THE WALL is between you & God. Our wellness / maintenance plans generally are more cost effective than using insurance (remember that insurance companies require reasonable and customary charges?) Visits on wellness / maintenance plans are coded with a nonreimbursable CPT code.


Our office is NOT currently accepting new Medicare "patients". If you want to come see us for wellness or maintenance (not covered by medicare), we welcome you to participate in our affordable BOX ON THE WALL program, but please do not mention spinal pain (a covered Medicare condition) or we must refer you out.

  • Medicare does not cover the costs of any chiropractic examinations (including radiographic exams) but requires an exam to have been completed prior to any chiropractic treatments by participating doctors.
  • Medicare only pays for chiropractic services where spinal adjusting is warranted for covered vertebral dysfunction conditions.
  • Medicare does not cover extremity adjusting, physiotherapy (traction, decompression, proprioceptive therapy, cold laser,...), massage therapy, or acupuncture.
  • Our charge for an exam is $125 and any X-rays (if required) will be done ouside this office at Mother Francis or ETMC or another imaging provider.
  • Medicare will not pay for any exams or radiographic imaging ordered by a chiropractor.
  • It is a violation of Medicare guidelines for a chiropractor to "give" anything to the Medicare insured such as a free exam or x-rays as it is an inducement to use Medicare benefits and that is a federal offense.
  • After an $147 annual deductible is met for Medicare, the patient has a co-pay between $5.34 (one vertebral level adjusted) - $10.19 (full spine adjustments) each visit for adjustments for covered vertebral dysfunction conditions only.

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