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A BOTW Pediatric & Family Chiropractic Practice
1816 S Main, Suite B3
Lindale, TX 75771
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vertebral subluxation complex (VSC)? What causes the VSC? How does a Doctor of Chiropractic FIND a VSC?

What is an adjustment?

Does it hurt to get adjusted?

How long until I feel better?

What can I expect on my first visit to your clinic?

What are your hours?

How much do you charge?

Why do you get adjusted so often?

Where do you stand on vaccines?

I'm pregnant and someone suggested chiropractic for my low back pain? Can you adjust pregnant women? My baby is breech and I heard that chiropractic can turn my baby - is that true? How much will it cost to get this Webster Technique during my pregnancy? Can you adjust babies/children?

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