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Does chiropractic hurt?

Normally, no. However, if you have not previously been under care and been subluxated long-term, there may be some muscular soreness afterwards but the adjustment itself should not hurt.

So, what about pain? Pain is a late indicator of dysfunction (and, a subluxation is definitely dysfunctional) and may or may not clear immediately following an adjustment because it is due to the muscles connected to that joint. Know what is great for muscle aches? Magnesium. No, not potassium so don't go eat a banana. Magnesium is what you want - Epsom Salt soaks are wonderful ways to get magnesium to your achy muscles. Magnesium oil / gel / lotion is another excellent transdermal magnesium delivery system. To learn more about Magnesium, join the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook.

If chronic pain is present, chronic inflammation is most certainly present. Turmeric has been shown in studies to be more effective at reducing inflammation than many prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. Ginger is another anti-inflammatory spice. Dr. LeAnne is a fan of both turmeric and ginger. One of the best resources for turmeric was started by an Australian Veterinarian named Doug English. The Turmeric User Group has thousands of members from around the world and many, many resources in the files section for incorporating turmeric into daily dietary intake.

It is important to note that once pain is gone, there may still be dysfunction. Remember, pain is a late indicator of dysfunction. That is why I get checked and adjsted on average once a week even though I do not have any pain. Unless you were in an auto accident or some other serious acute trauma, the dysfunction leading to your pain took time to reach that level and will generally take time to resolve.

If you are going to a chiropractor to just get out of pain, you are missing out on the wonderful effects chiropractic has on the body's functions including nervous system balance and improved immune function. This is why we are a membership practice. We want anyone & everyone to be able to afford regular chiropractic care. You would not just brush your teeth once a year, would you? Get your spine checked regularly & adjusted as needed. If you could see your spine, you would take better care of it.

Dr. LeAnne & the staff at Health Revolution gets checked and adjusted as needed, but at least once a week.

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