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I'm pregnant and someone suggested chiropractic for my low back pain? Can you adjust pregnant women?

Absolutely, YES. Pregnancy increases a hormone called relaxin which allows ligaments to stretch in preparation for labor and delivery. The flow of relaxin has pluses and minuses. It is extremely easy to adjust a pregnant woman, but it is also extremely easy for them to subluxate themselves again. Misalignments of the pelvic or lumbar region can cause low back pain during the pregnancy and can contribute to dystocia during labor and delivery. Regular chiropractic care can help PREVENT subluxation dysfunction often associated with pregnancy.

My baby is breech and I heard that chiropractic can turn my baby - is that true?

No, a chiropractor CAN NOT TURN A BABY. That is outside our scope of practice in Texas. If a chiropractor claims they can turn your breech or transverse baby, run away fast. Perinatal chiropractic adjustments are for the mother, not the fetus. What the chiropractic adjustment can do for the mom is keep her pelvis in normal alignment allowing for proper function of the pelvic region which would increase probability of the fetus moving into the position optimally suited for delivery.

Many chiropractors have been exposed to the Webster Technique, but we always recommend looking for one with the post-graduate certification in the (ICPA) and certified in Webster Technique through the ICPA. Dr. LeAnne Davis is currently the only chiropractor in Lindale who is both a member of the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA) and maintains current certification in Webster Technique by the ICPA.

How much will it cost to get this Webster Technique during my pregnancy?

Our recommendation is for mamas (or potential mamas) to be under care before, during, & after pregnancy. For pregnant women past 28 weeks who opt to NOT join as a Practice member, there is a flat fee of $400 & the pregnant mama may come in for a pelvic alignment check as often as she wants during Health Revolution's open adjusting hours up to going into labor. For laboring moms wanting an adjustment during labor, Dr. LeAnne will make house calls at home births and at birthing centers with pre-obtained written concurrence of the attending midwife.

There is no additional charge for the Webster Technique Adjustments to our pregnant Practice Members. Generally, no later than 20 weeks, we ask our pregnant pracice members to come in at least twice weekly. The first vist each week is for the spinal adjustment and the 2nd visit for the Webster technique as Webster should be done at a separate visit from the spinal adjustments. Typically, we check ilium, sacrum, coccyx and symphysis pubis alignment at all pregnancy visits. Coccygeal pain (tailbone) and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) are very common in pregnancy. We check these aeas as a preventive measure. Our care is very affordable.

Can you adjust babies/children?

YES, we love adjusting anyone with a spine. This, of course, may leave out most politicians. Our youngest Practice Member was first adjusted within hours of birth and our youngest (at heart) Practice Member was adjusted at age 94.

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