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$1000/share - this is a ONE TIME Co-op partnership fee for each share of the practice. Within 5 business days of payment for the share(s), each Co-op partner receives 60 adjustment visit vouchers for each share which DO NOT EXPIRE. These visit vouchers are a PERK for our partners. Additional adjustment visits are subject to honor box fee rules. Partner Perks Voucher rules:
  • Partner Perks Voucher may be used at the main or any satellite location.
  • Partner Perks Voucher do not expire.
  • Co-op PERK vouchers may be used by Co-op partner or gifted.
  • Partner Perks Voucher being used for a free visit must be surrendered at visit or a visit fee is due.
  • 4 Partner Perks Vouchers may be exchanged for one house call within the 75771 or 75773 zip code.
  • Partner Perks Vouchers may be sold by the owning partner but will have no cash redemption value at the Co-op.
Want more perks? Partners with 5 or more shares in the Co-op will also receive access to the facility outside adjusting hours for use of roller tables.

Want even more perks? Partners with 10 or more shares may reserve use of space outside adjusting hours for meetings, parties or events on a first come basis. 48 hour notice is required.

An annual meeting of Co-op partners will be held in the 2nd quarter of each year to go over any major business issues, elect board members, and vote on any major business decisions that are above the scope of the board. If Co-op members cannot be present, they may vote by mail or provide proxy to majority stockholder. Board membership will meet once a quarter. The board will have 5 elected at large members plus the COO & CFO. Profit sharing will be distributed annually as profits are available. Board members will be responsible for hiring/firing. The board has no authority to change services or adjusting techniques offered or billing style (ie, we will not be changing to an insurance model with set fees - we will remain HONOR BOX so it is affordable for the community). The board membership is an unpaid position & at large members are elected by the Co-op Partners for a 3 year term unless otherwise changed by the board.

Co-op shares may be transferred by sale or as a gift with approval of 51% majority Co-op partner(s) or Co-op Partners may opt to buy back the share(s). Co-op shares may be willed to a beneficiary at death. The Co-op board will be responsible for hiring a new chiropractor if Dr Davis is no longer able to serve the Co-op and a second doctor has not yet been brought on board.

Partner Shares may be paid for using echecks, Debit or Credit cards (visa, Mc, Discover, AMEX) using PayPal (healthrevolutionlindale@gmail.com); cash; check

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