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What is a Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC)? What causes the VSC? How does a Doctor of Chiropractic FIND a VSC?



ATION = condition of

A subluxation is a condition of diminished power. A vertebral subluxation complex is a misalignment, slight to severe, of the bones protecting the nervous system's spinal cord leading to dysfunction of the nervous tissue. The cause of subluxations is inability to adapt or maladaptation to stress caused by chemical, mental, or physical stressors. Physical stressors can be macro traumas like a motor vehicle accident or microtraumas like sitting all day at a computer. Chemical stressors may be something we take in that is not good for us or not inputting something that we need - thereby, creating a toxic environment. What happens to the carriage of someone who is really toxic - like ill with some bacterial or viral infection? What do people who don't get any Vitamin C experience? Scurvy, a very nasty insufficiency that can be eliminated with intake of foods rich in Vitamin C like citrus. Mental stressors can cause misalignments? Have you ever really studied a negative person or a person overly affected by money worries? How do they carry themselves? Do they have good posture?

A subluxated segment always wants to go "home". We were designed to be self-adjusting. We were also designed to NOT be in chronic sympathetic dominance. Sometimes the body tries so hard that you end up with loss of function in other areas trying to compensate and where you think the problem is is not the actual location, kind of like a leak in a roof - the point at which the water begins dripping through your ceiling (pain) may be very close or very far away from the original source of the leak (subluxation). You may have a leak (subluxation) for a long period before you actually see the evidence on the ceiling (pain).

A Doctor of Chiropractic may use one or more of the techniques below to find a subluxation:
  • Static palpation
  • Motion palpation
  • Thermal analysis
  • Muscle testing
  • Leg length testing with challenges
Chiropractic success occurs by addressing the source of the problem, not just masking the symptoms. The type of correction or adjustment employed by the chiropractor depends on the chiropractor's training and the needs of the subluxated person to be adjusted.

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